Power Hour

Power Hour


“Power Hour” is your desk-side fitness ally, sending hourly prompts to energize your routine with quick, fun activities. It’s like having a personal coach for mini workout bursts, turning your office chair into a source of movement and joy. Get ready to stretch, dance, and twist your way to better health right at your desk!

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Meet “Power Hour” – the fitness fairy godmother for the office chair-bound! This magical app transforms every hour into a mini fitness fiesta, right at your desk. Stuck in a sit-a-thon? Power Hour pings you once per hour with a nudge to shimmy, stretch, or shake it off. Think of it as your personal movement maestro, choreographing tiny bursts of activity to break the monotony of keyboard marathons. Each notification is a gentle reminder that your body loves to move, even if it’s just a desk-side dance or a chair twist. Perfect for those who find gym visits as appealing as a root canal. With Power Hour, your next workout is just a desk swivel away – because why should your swivel chair have all the fun? 🕺💻🔔✨

Why is it here?
A little more than a decade ago, our team of office workers noticed that their energy throughout the day began to dip, and with longer and longer times spent in front of the computer, our activity levels plummeted. Then, one day, a member of the team shouted down the hall, “Power Hour! For the next minute do one exercise!” and the idea has stuck with us ever since. Moving just a bit more not only improves your mood, but also your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) which is made up of three major contributing factors: your basal metabolic rate (BMR), your activity level and the thermic effect of food metabolism.

What do you get?
Access to our chrome extension, which acts as a reminder to move your body each hour. We have some predefined activities, but feel free to add or remove any to your liking.


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