The Done List

The Done List


“The Done List” – the app that makes celebrating your daily wins as easy as a tap. Boost your self-esteem effortlessly, one accomplishment at a time. Because every day, you’re achieving more than you think!

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Introducing “The Done List” – the app that’s your daily dose of self-esteem in a world obsessed with productivity! Inspired by Oliver Burkman’s wisdom in “4000 Weeks: Time Management for Mortals,” this app is your personal cheerleader for the everyday victories. Did you manage to put on pants today? Boom, accomplishment! Forgot to water your plant, but it’s still alive? Bravo, you plant whisperer! “The Done List” guarantees you’ve achieved more than you think, and it’s here to celebrate the small wins that often go unnoticed. So, put down that to-do list and pick up your self-esteem instead. With this app, you’ll be feeling like an overachiever in no time – even if you spent an hour scrolling cat memes.

Why is it here?
In our search for wellness we often found ourselves feeling rather worthless when we didn’t get anything done during the day. The Done List reminds you of all the little steps you take each day. It reminds you that every tiny step counts.

What do you get?
An iOS copy of the Done List, and integrations into other productivity tools as these integrations come together.


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