Silent Search

Silent Search


“Silent Search” is your digital ninja, quietly eliminating annoying websites from your search results. Just a few clicks to block sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and more, ensuring a clutter-free, peaceful browsing experience. Say hello to focused, stress-free searching where silence truly is golden!

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Introducing “Silent Search” – the Chrome extension that’s like a ninja for your search results! Ever felt bombarded by annoying websites clogging up your searches? Silent Search is your personal digital bouncer, keeping pesky sites like Twitter, Pinterest, and Temu (or any site that annoys you) at bay. Imagine searching in peace, free from the clutter of unwanted results. With a few clicks, block any site that irks you, creating a serene search oasis. It’s like putting earplugs in your browser – you’ll only hear (or see) what you want. Say goodbye to search-result headaches and hello to streamlined, stress-free browsing. Silent Search: because sometimes, silence really is golden! 🤫💻🚫

Why is it here?
Decision fatigue is real, and in the modern “high information diet” that we all consume just by using technology, every small thing we can do to eliminate possibilities decreases the cognitive load required to make a decision.

What do you get?
Access to the very simple chrome extension.


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